I previously built an interactive, online App using Shiny where you can upload your own data, perform basic clustering analysis, and view correlations in a heatmap. I wrote about this in my last post. While this worked, it was very ugly and needed a face lift. With the help of a friend, I implemented a dashboard using shinydashboard.

New implementation

The new implementation organizes the individual apps in a dashboard instead of a single Rmarkdown file. Essentially the individual apps (upload, clustering, etc.) remained the same (except for some feature improvements). The big difference is that the outer layer is now a normal shiny app with the standard app.R, ui.R, and server.R files. The other major change is the addition of three new files controlling the dashboard appearance and contents (body.R, sidebar.R, and header.R). See the shinydashboard Get Started for a basic example and the Structure page for more details.

Try it out!

Take a look at the dashboard app and source code and leave a comment to let me know what you think! You can download a sample data set (mtcars) to try out if you don’t have your own.

Previous Implementation

Screenshot of previous implementation

Dashboard Implementation

Screenshot of dashboard implementation